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Alleluia Laundry Powder Soap

Alleluia Laundry Powder Soap

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For laundry, we are going old-school (and a little deeper into the mess).

This ultra concentrated pure powder soap (no extra water added here) is the "wow" for washing lighter-colored clothes by hand or in the machine. Powder detergents are especially efficient at removing stains like dirt, clay, and mud. Sprinkle the powder in the drum of your machine. Remember you only need a little (try a couple tablespoons)...and your loads cost less.

Vegan & produced with 100% vegetable raw materials and based in olive oil. Shelf stable and free of petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances or dyes. Dissolves easily in both hot and cold water (though for cold water loads, we would recommend dissolving in a little warm water first).

Size: 2.2.lbs

Approximately: 70 loads

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