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"Sal Verde - Aromatics in the Kitchen" by Rute Porto

"Sal Verde - Aromatics in the Kitchen" by Rute Porto

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A cookbook is like going down a rabbit hole to a land of colors, flavors, experiences and textures. When we first picked up Rute Porto's self-published book "Sal Verde" that's exactly what happened.

With some of the most beautiful images and designs we've seen, the recipes in this unique book are more than just a collection of Portugal, they are a journey into the world of quality raw materials and how to experience them in their utmost essence.

Rute Porto, the woman behind our Be Aromatic line of spices and infusions has a vision of the world that we very much want to be a part of. A connected ecosystem where the soil, the water, the animals, the plants and us all find a way to play well together.

"Sal Verde" is more than just a collection of recipes - it is an herbarium that encourages the use of aromatic herbs as a reflection of healthier cooking.

"The potential of aromatic herbs presents itself in various ways: as a substitute for salt or sugar, as a means to make other aromas shine or as a brilliant way to finalize a dish." says Rute.

We couldn't agree more.

The cookbook introduces more than 20 aromatic herbs in over 100 recipes that are pratical and easy to replicate. The recipes are organized by plant (with a detailed description of each).

Available exclusively in the US on My Portuguese Market.

Format: Hardcover


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