"Nature is very generous, thus any square meter of land can produce a lot if we respect it and enjoy the signals it sends out. Organic farming has been and is a sustainable path, the path we have chosen. What matters is working with nature, maintaining biodiversity and its genetic, cultural and environmental heritage, respecting the seasons, producing endogenous species, adapting, using sustainable farming practices, respecting the environment, and, most importantly, respecting the soil."

When Rute & Joao started Be Aromatic, they knew little about agriculture. They knew they wanted to live in harmony with nature, respecting the ecosystem that provided for them. The production of aromatic herbs naturally emerged primarily as a sustainable solution due to their low water requirements, their resilience in the light of Alentejo's edaphoclimatic conditions...and their demand outside of Portugal.


Of the 8 hectares that make up Quinta dos Choupos, only two are used for agriculture. 100% Certified Organic Agriculture.