Favorite People

Favorite People is a Portuguese brand dedicated to vintage children’s overalls and was launched in 2022, by two sisters, Rita and Madalena, who love to wear overalls.

It all started out with woman, mom, and radio host, Rita. She was 38 years old and dreamt about having her own business...creating, from scratch, a brand that represented her lifestyle and her kids'. The idea came to life at night, back on her couch, when scrolling through Instagram and remembering her own childhood in overalls.

Childhood is about family and siblings. That’s when Madalena, Rita's younger sister and one of her favorite people in the world, jumped into the project. Another entrepreneur, Madalena used to live in the US, worked at Google, and embraced all kinds of challenges.

Favorite People was born from this little nest of love and energy. And we are thrilled to be sharing this collection on My Portuguese Market.