We're all a little obsessed with bees these days.
We want them to buzz and work in our gardens (though we respect them tremendously), we want them to help us eat nutritiously, we want them for their beautiful wax they create, and we want them to keep our global ecosystem in balance.
Cousins, Ana & Carla, are making a lot of that happen.
Their beekeeper grandfather imbued in them an everything-bee passion (and a few recipes on how to aromatize honey naturally), which they've been nurturing and growing since 2014. The result of years of experimenting, teaching, training, and exploring, became Beesweet.
Today, Beesweet, is the collection of organically-certified honey, comb, and sub-products. All honey is harvested from smaller farmers in Portugal, supporting local communities, and helping to create a more sustainable livelihood.
The cousins also love spending time in schools, teaching young children about the utmost importance of our friends, the bees.
How sweet is all of this?