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NEW ABC+ Octopus in "Caldeirada" Sauce

NEW ABC+ Octopus in "Caldeirada" Sauce

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When you picture a grandmother making traditional Portuguese stew, this is it. The "Caldeirada." Crack open this hand-packed can for a cozy homey blend of onion, garlic, and tomato and octopus for a full on Portuguese traditional experience.

Octopus is a delicacy appreciated in many parts of the world, with Portugal being no exception. Many traditional Portuguese dishes use this famous cephalopod as their main star, and a conserva stew is one of their finest. 

SERVING: Place atop your fave crusty bread and pair with a fresh herby salad.

Weight:  120 g / 4.20 oz

Store at ambient temperature until opened, sealed and refrigerated up to two days after opening. Traditional Portuguese method production (pre-cooked).
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