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Ati Manel Small Scallops in Caldeirada Sauce

Ati Manel Small Scallops in Caldeirada Sauce

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In BBC's list of the world's 100 most nutritious foods, Scallops are in twenty-first place (Almonds are #1, by the way). Due to its low fat content, its richness in proteins, its concentration of fatty acids, including omega 3, and its offer of mineral salts, this 120gr tin will do you super duper good.

Steeped in the traditional Portuguese fish stew, Caldeirada, these bite-sized scallops will make the most delectable (and nutritious) lunch. Heat them up with a little bit of rice or keep them cool on top of toast.


120g (4.2oz) tin

Ingredients: Scallops (Chlamsys sp) (50%), Olive Oil (33.5%), Onion (10.9%), Tomato (2.7%), Red pepper, spices, and salt (2.9%).

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