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Barra Beach Towel // Green

Barra Beach Towel // Green

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The Torres Novas Barra beach towels, with their thin stripes, are inspired by the Barra light house in Praia da Barra, Aveiro, the largest light house in Portugal.

Made of 100% high quality cotton and light enough to take with (400 GSM - grams per square meter) these Turkish-style beach towels offer a luxe soft feel and are perfect for summer frolicking.

Featuring terry fabric on the inside and fouta fabric on the outside, the absorption factor is real...and tassel hem detailing will make you look fabulously chic with it. 

Size: 70"L x 40"W

P.S. Did you know that fouta (also spelled futa) is a piece of thin patterned cotton or linen fabric of Yemeni origin used in many Mediterranean countries and Yemen? Among other uses, they were worn, by both men and women, wrapped around the body while at the public baths in 19th-century Syria. 

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