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Be Aromatic Lemongrass Infusion

Be Aromatic Lemongrass Infusion

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Cymbopogon Citratus

For more than five thousand years, people all over the world have been harnessing the culinary and medicinal uses of lemongrass. It has been grown and cultivated in Asia, particularly in India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines where the locals combined it with other herbs to create medicinal tonics which they called ‘fever tea’. It was then administered to patients with fever, stomachaches, irregular menstruation, and diarrhea.

Today, Lemongrass infusions may be used to help digestion, control cholesterol, detoxify your system, heal colds & flus (tons of Vitamin C!), ease arthritis pain, fight depression, act as antibacterial (and antimicrobial), reduce inflammation, even reduce body odor...the list goes on.

Lemongrass is 100% Caffeine Free.

Net weight 40g (Loose Leaf)

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