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Be Aromatic Peppermint Infusion

Be Aromatic Peppermint Infusion

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Mentha x Piperita

The name peppermint comes from Greek mythology in the form of a love triangle. As in all Greek mythologies, there are many versions of the story. The most popular one states that Hades seduced the nymph, Minthe, and his wife, Persephone, became enraged with jealousy and turned Minthe into a plant that people would constantly walk on.

Yes, well, ancient Greeks weren't the only ones who loved peppermint.

Ancient Egyptians used peppermint as well. In fact, dried peppermint leaves were discovered in pyramids that carbon dated back to 1,000 BC. The Romans grew mint and peppermint in their gardens for its medicinal purposes, especially as a digestive aid. They also used mint and peppermint as a ground cover, especially between stepping stone pathways. They enjoyed the pleasing aroma the plants produced that greeted guests as they entered a home or a courtyard.

Indigestion, cold and flu sufferers can find some relief by drinking peppermint tea. However, avoid it at night as it can cause insomnia.

An iced herbal infusion with peppermint makes our summer a bit fresher.

Peppermint is 100% Caffeine Free.

Net weight 30g (Loose Leaf)

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