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Be Aromatic Organic Portuguese Thyme

Be Aromatic Organic Portuguese Thyme

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Thymus mastichina

Though this plant is one of 350 varieties of Thyme that exist in the world, Portuguese Thyme can only be found in, well, Portugal (and Spain).

The origins of thyme can be traced back to ancient societies throughout the Mediterranean, though it’s now grown and cooked with all over the world. Its uses have not always been purely culinary, however. There is evidence of ancient Egyptians utilizing thyme’s powerful antiseptic properties in embalming rituals. The Romans considered the herb a symbol of bravery and strength—particularly with regards to military prowess—and would exchange it among themselves, pin sprigs to their garments before battle, and burn bunches of it to purify the air in homes and places of worship.

So, there's that.

Portuguese Thyme's small, dark green leaves offer a fresh aroma with traces of eucalyptus...and an intense salty flavor that naturally replaces traditional salt. This herb’s relatively light structure makes it less resistant to heat in the cooking process, so wait towards the end to add.

Ideal to season soups, salads, meat and fish or as an infusion (for relaxation)...and one of the best-kept culinary secrets.

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