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BEESWEET Organic Honey Seasalt No.10

BEESWEET Organic Honey Seasalt No.10

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Honey is a gift from the bees.

BEESWEET's Organic Honey Nectar No. 10 Seasalt is the sweet dream of the Atlantic... The most daring of the entire Beesweet range of nectars, it is infused with Fleur de Sel and a type of Brown Seaweed that grows in the Atlantic Ocean. With a salty flavor, it transports us to the paradisiacal beaches where salt water and the sweet scent of summer prevail. It is an unusual nectar, capable of pairing with the most exquisite dishes and pleasing the most sensitive palates.

Being a natural product, it can react to climate, fauna and flora changes. Each honey harvest may add slight changes to the honey color and flavor.

The BEESWEET Organic Honey No. 10 is made from honey harvested in the vast region of the Alentejo, where the miles and miles of wild plains and hills are far from harmful chemicals (and where you're lucky if you catch sight of a sheep herder or cork tree farmer).

All Beesweet's small apiary partners are organically-certified.

All Beesweet's aromas are made from naturally infusing honey with organic plants. No artificial essences or colors are ever used.

Size: 375g/13.2 oz

Ingredients: Organic Multifloral Honey (95%), Organic Fucus vesiculosus (brown seaweed) (3%), Fleur de Sel (2%) *May contain small naturally-occurring particles of beeswax, propolis or pollen.

Store in a cool and dry place

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