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Beija Flor "Swallow" Hardcover Notebook // Grey

Beija Flor "Swallow" Hardcover Notebook // Grey

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This collection of delicate and minimal hardcover notebooks features the iconic Portuguese "Andorinha" aka Swallow.

The image of the swallow in Portugal has a beautiful connection to its people. A bird that mates for life, only leaves its nest when its babies leave it, and always comes back to it, has become a symbol to the bond with our own "nest" (in this case with Portugal), and to the unique term "saudade."

When an "andorinha" is gifted, a bond is formed between giver and receiver...much like the words on a paper.

14 x 18 cm (A5) || hardcover lined with fabric || cream-colored pages are FSC-certified paper 100g/m2 || 96 plain pages

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