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Castelbel Smoothie Poppy Lemongrass Body Scrub

Castelbel Smoothie Poppy Lemongrass Body Scrub

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We kinda love scrubs. A scrub has the incredible capacity to make your normal daily shower experience into one that makes you feel completely pampered.

And, of course, when we're talking about this Poppy Lemongrass Scrub from Castelbel, that pampering means exfoliation with powdered apricot kernel (oooh, we love natural ingredients), and scented with a wonderfully fresh and citrusy scent of Poppy and Lemongrass.

This scrub isn't peel-off-your-skin kinda harsh, but will leave your body silky smooth and desperately waiting for tomorrow's shower. 

Each scrub is beautifully-packaged and part of the Castelbel Smoothie Collection which combines Portuguese tile imagery with that of plants and fruits.

275 gr (9.7oz)

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