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Chulé Socks "Tuga" Collection // Calçada Portuguesa

Chulé Socks "Tuga" Collection // Calçada Portuguesa

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Chulé. Made in Portugal by three guys who wear socks.

The Chulé "Tuga" Collection is a little bit of Portugal all over the place. All made of 100% Organic Cotton, these are designed for the sock-lover and built for comfort while strolling, eating, or frolicking.

The "Calçada Portuguesa" is an ode to the cobblestone sidewalk we find throughout Portugal. With origins in the 1500s, the calçadas marry artistic sense and functionality. And, although "challenging" for baby strollers (believe us), they are some of the most impressive masterpieces across the country.


Materials & Care

80% Organic Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Spandex

Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not dry clean or iron.

All Chulé socks feature a seamless toe for all your comfy needs.


 EU Size US Size Men US Size Women Chulé Size
36-40 4.5-7.5 8.5-10 Medium
41-46 8-12 10-13 Large


Did you know? Polyamide holds less perspiration odor than polyester blends in socks. No stinky feet here

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