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Carolina Bernardo Clutch No.2

Carolina Bernardo Clutch No.2

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Carolina Bernardo started playing with textiles when she was 13. Textiles led her to study product design, and product design led her to explore the tremendous world of "deadstock" available in Portugal.

Portugal's history with textiles is a long one. Today, factories in Portugal make clothing and shoes for many of the top brands in the world. But there is always something left over. And from this "something," Carolina designed a collection of clutches that are, well, so clutch.

Featuring leather handles (Portugal is one of the top shoemakers in the world after all) and beautiful deadstock material, her super light clutches are fashion, function, and planet do-gooders all rolled into one. Pack them or wear them. Everything goes.

Size: 11in X 9in

Materials: wool & leather (polyester used for lining)

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