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José Gourmet Spiced Sardine Paté

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Creamy and oily (by nature), this spicy sardine paté has a little kick and is chock-full of flavor (and nutrients).
Seasoned with tomato, white pepper, and piri-piri - this little can has everything you will love.

Although named after the Italian island of Sardinia, the sardine—-sardinha—is iconic in Portugal. Abundant in Portuguese waters; it has been fished and dished for thousands of years. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B12 and D, calcium, minerals, and protein, this seafood is healthy food.

Ingredients: sardine, olive oil, tomato, spices (vinegar, red peppers, piri-piri), salt

Store at ambient temperature until opened, sealed and refrigerated up to two days after opening. Traditional Portuguese method production (pre-cooked).