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Mainova EVOO Bag-in-Tube (3L)

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All the quality of Mainova's Classic Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil in a 3 Liter (recycled & recyclable) format, because we cook...a lot.


1 Bag-in-Tube (3L) = 6 bottles (500ml)


So, what is a Bag-in-Tube and why do I need it in my kitchen?


The Bag-in-Tube (3L) protects the Mainova Extra Virgin Olive Oil against quality altering factors such as light, oxygen and humidity, in addition to helping to maintain all its nutritional and organoleptic properties.  This package has 60% less plastic than the conventional olive oil bottle.


The Bag in Tubes has an easy to use pouring spout, is never greasy, never dirty, looks beautiful in your kitchen and is also highly sustainable for the environment. Just consider that a 3-liter Bag in Tube saves waste equal to 6 glass bottles, 6 capsules and 6 labels.

So now that you’ve received this beautiful Bag-in-Tube from My Portuguese Market, how do you access the unique Mainova Extra Virgin Olive Oil inside?

  1. Place the box on a table, so that it rests on the long side opposite the tap.
  2. Press on the perforated circle and remove it, creating a hole for the tap. Lift the remaining flap.
  3. Remove the top so that you can adjust the bag, positioning the tap by the hole.
  4. Replace the top and pull out the tap, readjusting the top flap to fit snugly above it.
  5. Remove the safety protection from the tap
  6. Pour liquid gold onto everything.

Prefer to use a smaller format for cooking or at the table? Refill your glass or ceramic bottles directly from the Bag-in-Tube. The olive oil will always be fresh.