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NEW ABC+ Spicy Wild Shrimp in Olive Oil & Garlic

NEW ABC+ Spicy Wild Shrimp in Olive Oil & Garlic

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Our go to dish when we land in Portugal is always shrimp "à guilho."

A scalding hot plate arrives with little shrimp swimming in the most delectable olive oil + garlic + spicy sauce. Be ready for them to have their shell on as it offers a wealth of valuable nutrients like protein, collagen, and omega-3 fatty acids.

The ABC + Spicy Wild Shrimp in Olive Oil & Garlic is that, you'll just have to adjust the temperature.

ABC + carefully sources wild shrimp, predominantly known for aquaculture, to capture the authentic essence of the local and wild species. Embracing the manual and traditional canning process, the shrimp is meticulously hand-packed, ensuring the utmost quality and preserving the rich taste.

Wild fresh ocean at your fingertips.

Weight:  120 g / 4.20 oz

Store at ambient temperature until opened, sealed and refrigerated up to two days after opening. Traditional Portuguese method production (pre-cooked).
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