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NEW Mainova Olive Oil Set//Gift Set

NEW Mainova Olive Oil Set//Gift Set

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Mainova Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

High quality extra virgin olive oil, characterized by low acidity of 0.2%, obtained through a combination of green and ripe olives, providing notes of olive leaves and green almond. It can be used directly in salads to season, cook or combine with other foods.

Varietal olive blend: Cobrançosa, Cordovil, Arbequina and Frantoio 

Mainova Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from green olives harvested at the beginning of the season. It is characterized by low acidity, 0.2%, intense, bitter and spicy green fruity flavor.

Oh, and...Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in healthy polyphenols, having a higher concentration of anti-inflammatories and it's super duper healthy.

Varietal olive blend: Cobrançosa, Cordovil and Picual


Mainova Spoon Rest 

From the beautiful artisan ceramic genius of Nosse Ceramics (, this beautiful limited edition stoneware spoon rest created for Mainova, is the item you've been looking for. Elegant with a soft terracotta color palette, it keeps your counters clean and goes straight into the dishwasher. 

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