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Black Tea Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf

Black Tea Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf

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Gorreana's Orange Pekoe Black Tea (term for high grade black tea) is beautifully fresh with complex flavors of honey and citrus. The volcanic soils of the Azorean island of São Miguel seem to have steeped into these leaves, leaving behind a smoky yet fruity finish.

Rather delicate for a black tea (with a gorgeous copper/gold tone when brewed) its leaves have been grown in the mineral rich Azores mountains since 1883. This black tea comes from the 1st leaf of the tea plant

The Orange Pekoe black tea is produced exclusively from the plant's terminal bud and its first leaf.

Steep time: 1:00-1:30 mins (longer for bolder flavor)


Handwrapped leaves with Storage Tin included


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