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PICCO Solid Shampoo 03 // Dry Hair

PICCO Solid Shampoo 03 // Dry Hair

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The PICCO Solid Shampoo Bar 03 for Dry Hair smells like strawberry shortcake (at least looks like it), featuring soothing lavender and shea butter for hydration and calming pink clay to leave your scalp feeling "ahhh". 

Made from natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients, this line is vegan and cruelty-free and uses only 20-25% water, proving greater durability (aka it will wash and wash and wash and wash your hair). Solid shampoo is also the most ideal travel companion. Just make sure to keep dry it after use for max enjoyment.

Packaged in recycled (and recyclable) paper (and using only single-color printing), PICCO's packaging was thought of and produced with the environment in mind. Featuring a cutter on the top of the package, geometrically representing healthy hair strands, we can take a whiff of what our hair will smell like after we've slathered on the shampoo.

Validity: 12 months after first use

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