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PICCO Wheat & Lavender Seed Pillow

PICCO Wheat & Lavender Seed Pillow

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The first of (we hope) many limited availability releases from PICCO.

The PICCO What & Lavender Seed Pillow is all about relaxation, focusing on natural & organic ingredients to promote wellness - relief of muscle tension, stomach & back pains, menstrual cramps...or a yoga session that saw a little too much stretch.

The extra large seed pillow, features beautiful screen printing (all handmade in Portugal, of course) and can be heated in both the microwave and oven (read instructions for temperature).

With the most simple and natural of ingredients, this unique relaxation accessory lasts up to 4 years, so you have a lot of serenity coming your way.


Size: 20in X 9in

Composition: [inner cover] 100% cotton, [outer washable cover] 50% linen, 50%  cotton, [filling] organic wheat & lavender seeds

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