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Quinta de Lemos Olive Oil Trio//Gift Set

Quinta de Lemos Olive Oil Trio//Gift Set

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Quinta de Lemos is nestled in the Dão region of Portugal. Surrounded by four mountains that help to create a very unique micro-climate, the region is renowned for its elegant age-worthy wines...and their exquisite olive oil.

This trio of gourmet organic Extra Virgin cold pressed olive oils from the luxury estate, Quinta de Lemos, takes your palate on a journey of exploration of Portuguese olive varietals.

The trio of olive oils is elegantly packaged in a limited edition wooden case for instant gifting. Each case includes three 500ml bottles, featuring single varietal olive oils of Galega, Arbequina, & Cobrançosa. The case can easily be reused for a variety of purposes.


This variety is typically Portuguese, cylindrical of form and of an intense black color, characterised by obtaining some bloom on its surface. It's the hardest variety to harvest, because its peduncle is quite attached to the olive tree. Its oil is wealthier in the mouth, but with sweet and slight fruity notes. Its perfume shows small notes of ripe apple, olive leaf and nuts


Variety of small round olives in greenish-purplish tones, of an average yield. Very delicate oil , low in polyphenols, hence its sensitivity to oxidation after extraction. With dark yellow to golden tones, this olive oil has notes of tomato branches in the mouth and small notes of banana peel in the nose.


Variety with a great yield, conferring oils that are rich in polyphenols -thus protecting it from oxidation after extraction. The olive is of great quality, after its extraction we obtain olive oil of green color. At organoleptic level when the extraction is made of green olives, we obtain oils with subtly bitter and spicy profiles. However if we extract of mature olives the profile of olive oil will be sweet and soft.

Each case include 3 X 500ml bottles of Quinta de Lemos Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil.

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