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Quinta do Pôpa Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil // 500mL

Quinta do Pôpa Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil // 500mL

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Green/yellow in color with intense grass, flower and olive aromas, this extra virgin olive oil from the Douro's Quinta do Pôpa is soft and magical. In the mouth it is rounded, dense and fluid; starting with a hint of sweet almonds, followed by fresh olives, assorted greens and an extremely long and complex (slightly spicy) finish. Characterized by low acidity of less than 0.8%, this is an organic and natural product, so precipitation may occur in low temperatures.

Perfect for finishing dishes with low medium intensity food, various soups and oven dishes. In desserts, it harmonizes very well with ripe fruit, as well as moderately sweet desserts.

600 bottles produced.

Varietal olive blend: Cobrançosa, Verdeal

Size: 500ml

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