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SalMarim Flor de Sal Aromática //100gr

SalMarim Flor de Sal Aromática //100gr

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SalMarim Aromática is a celebration of aromatic herbs that have always given family recipes a special and delicate touch and a tribute to Jorge´s mother and grandmother and their "açordas" (check out our cookbooks for recipes) made with flakes of salt.

An aromatic fleur de sel with ingredients sourced from regional producers produced by hand where the freshness of the orange groves and the dryness of the wild oregano collected by hand in the hills of the Algarve are to be found... A tasty option for bringing out the aroma and taste of salads, pasta and fresh cheese.

Hand-harvested from among the oldest salt pans in Castro Marim (think Phoenicians), the SalMarim Flor de Sal (Fleur de Sel) is the result of the finest, most flavor-concentrated sea salt crystals formed during evaporation. Rich in minerals and nutrients, this unique product follows all bio and sustainable practices.

Collected and packaged by hand at the Sapal Nature Reserve at Castro Marim, SalMarim Flor de Sal (Fleur de Sel) is beautifully delicate with irregular pieces that crumble apart in our hands without leaving behind a trail...loved by chefs around the world.

We have been using it (lovingly & sparingly) to top off just about any recipe, as the flavor is 100% ocean and it melts on your tongue.


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