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So Coffee Roasters - Whole Bean Ethiopia (Filter) | 8.8 oz

So Coffee Roasters - Whole Bean Ethiopia (Filter) | 8.8 oz

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The town of Bedessa is located in the Hambela Women, a well-known part of Guji that emerged from the privatization of coffee in Ethiopia in 2017. This area consistently delivers expressive and intense flavor profiles. Here, the soil type is red clay loam and the rich forest is beautifully fertile.

The cherries are collected manually and hard-sorted later. Skin and fruit pulp are removed before grading the parchment in water as 1st or 2nd quality - determined by density. Then, the cherries are subject to 72 hours of wet fermentation. Afterwards, soaking takes place for 2 hours. Coffee is then piled up in 2cm layers and dried over a 10-day period, followed by manual sorting during 2-4 hours.

This Whole Bean Filtered Ethiopia coffee is single origin and single harvest. 

REGION : Hambela Wamena - Guji

VARIETAL: 74110, 74112


ALTITUDE: 2000 meters above sea level

Medium Light Body, Gentle Acidity, Sweet And Tea-like, Stonefruit, Flora & Delicate.

Whole Bean. Net weight 250g (8.8 oz)

Psst, did you know that higher altitude coffees have naturally lower caffeine? All coffees sourced and roasted by So Coffee are Arabica (1,500 meters + above sea level)

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