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So Coffee Roasters - Whole Bean Indonesia (Filter) | 8.8 oz

So Coffee Roasters - Whole Bean Indonesia (Filter) | 8.8 oz

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Wildan Mustofa and his wife Atieq Mustikaningtyas are the producers of this lactic acid fermented coffee. This is one of our faves and probably the first time we have ever tasted these slightly funkier flavors in such a smooth coffee.

Wildan comes from a family that is proud of pushing the envelope when it comes to producing the cleanest and brightest washed Indonesian coffees.

In addition to making unique and natural coffees, Wildan & Atieq's work has had a positive social and economic impact on the community. Their promote long-term water conservation and reforestation programs in the region.

This Whole Bean Filtered Indonesia coffee is single origin and single harvest.

REGION : Frinsa Estate - Java

VARIETAL: Andungsari, Sigararutang, Line S.

PROCESS: Natural "extended fermentation"

ALTITUDE: 1,300 - 1,500 meters above sea level

Medium Body, Acetic Acidity, High Sweetness, Candied Fruits and Dark Chocolate. Funky & Juicy. 

Whole Bean. Net weight 250g (8.8 oz)

Psst, did you know that higher altitude coffees have naturally lower caffeine? All coffees sourced and roasted by So Coffee are Arabica (1,500 meters + above sea level)

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