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So Coffee Whole Bean Burundi (Espresso) | 12 oz

So Coffee Whole Bean Burundi (Espresso) | 12 oz

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In the heart of Burundi, a picturesque country in East Africa, lies a thriving coffee industry that supports the livelihoods of almost the entire population. Here, coffee farming is not merely a means of income, but a way of life.

Unlike large-scale plantations dominant in other coffee-producing countries, coffee production in Burundi is characterized by smallholder activities. These hardworking individuals tend to farms that are less than one hectare in size, fostering an intimate connection with their land and crops.

It is estimated that around 30% of households across the nation depend on coffee cultivation to sustain their families. This dependency highlights the integral role that coffee plays in Burundian society, providing economic stability and opportunities for growth.

Remarkably, each farmer tends to an average of 50 to 250 coffee trees. This distribution allows for meticulous care and attention, resulting in the production of high-quality coffee beans. With this perfect ratio, farmers can ensure the timely nurturing required for each tree, from planting to harvesting.

The dedication of Burundi's coffee farmers is reflected not only in the quality of their coffee but also in the rich flavor profiles that have captivated coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Despite the challenges that come with small-scale production, these passionate individuals pour their hearts into cultivating extraordinary beans.

So Coffee Roasters recognize and admire the hard work and commitment of Burundi's coffee farmers. By directly sourcing coffee from these smallholder farms, they ensure that each cup of coffee showcases the incredible craftsmanship and stories behind every bean.

This Whole Bean Burundi coffee is single origin and single harvest.

REGION : Rugabano, Ruvubu from 1168 farmers



ALTITUDE: 1,550 - 1,750 meters above sea level

Delicate. Low acidity. Honey, floral, and stone fruit.

Whole Bean. Net weight 340g (12 oz)

Psst, did you know that higher altitude coffees have naturally lower caffeine? All coffees sourced and roasted by So Coffee are Arabica (1,500 meters + above sea level)

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