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So Coffee Whole Bean Rwanda (Filter) | 12 oz

So Coffee Whole Bean Rwanda (Filter) | 12 oz

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Emanuel Rusticara often mentions: “When we sell coffee, we are not just selling coffee. We are selling the entire country of Rwanda."

His company name “Baho" means ‘stay strong’ and ‘never give up.’ It’s an emotional word, a word that coffee evokes. Emanuel walks the talk.

Emanuel works with several small coffee bean farmers. He helps to organize his partner producers into small groups and appoints a leader in each. Leaders are tasked with identifying challenges faced by farmers in their group and reporting the issues.

Besides producing clean beans in a clean environment, "Baho" aims to improve the overall quality of its product and its community by finding solutions together with the coffee bean farmers. Baho has also been an important partner in improving sustainability within these communities by supporting them with financial assistance when they ask for help with tuition fees, health insurance costs, or operating funds ahead of harvest seasons.

This Whole Bean Rwanda coffee is single origin and single harvest.

REGION : Gagenke - Northern Province



ALTITUDE: 1,500 - 2,100 meters above sea level

Mild Body, Medium Acidity, Peach, Black Tea & Caramel

Whole Bean. Net weight 340g (12 oz)

Psst, did you know that higher altitude coffees have naturally lower caffeine? All coffees sourced and roasted by So Coffee are Arabica (1,500 meters + above sea level)

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